Dear Neighbors,

I’m excited to announce my candidacy for California State Assembly – 48th District. I’m running for State Assembly because I care about this community and I’m disappointed with the leadership in Sacramento.

I’m tired of hearing about people and businesses leaving California, about friends and family still unemployed, and about cities and schools struggling to comply with unreasonable state mandates. Sacramento politicians are too busy fighting political battles and catering to special interests to address the real issues facing our state. Instead, they are proposing various tax increases, including a repeal of Prop 13. We can do better. We need true public servants in office, not politicians.

I’ve devoted my life to public service. I’ve served our children and students as an elected school board member, our fellow citizens by fighting fraud as a local tax attorney, and our neighbors in need as an active community volunteer. I know firsthand what we need – opportunity. The opportunity to be successful in our careers, for our children to be educated well enough to compete in a global economy, and to raise our families in communities that are safe from crime and terrorism. Further, we want to restore control back to our locally elected officials who know our communities best, and focus Sacramento on the pressing statewide issues of water storage, infrastructure and roads, and financial security.

These are straightforward solutions to obvious problems. They aren’t republican or democrat, right or left, red or blue, because I’m not political. I’m just trying to do what makes sense, and I don’t care what side of the aisle that comes from. I promise you this, I will be a strong, honest, and proud representative of the 48th Assembly District in Sacramento. I will fight for what matters most to us.

With an open seat in the 48th Assembly District this November, we have a real opportunity to make a meaningful difference on the most important issues facing our state. With my experience, education, and devotion to public service, I’m uniquely qualified to create better public schools, a stronger job market, and safer communities. With these reforms, we can turn our state around again, we can make California truly golden.

Send me to Sacramento as your State Assembly representative so I can start the work for us!