Dear Neighbors,

I’m excited to announce my candidacy for California State Assembly – 48th District. I’m not a politician – I’m a local school board member and small business owner. I’m not running because I love politics – I’m running because I love our community and because we deserve a good State Assembly representative, for a change.

People and businesses are leaving California, our friends and family members are still unemployed, and crime rates continue to rise. Nationwide, California schools are ranked near the bottom, while poverty, unemployment, and taxation are near the top. Sacramento continues to overregulate and mismanage our cities, schools, and economy, while neglecting water, roads, homelessness, and senior citizens.

We need public servants in office, not politicians. I’ve devoted my life to public service. I’ve served our children, parents, and teachers as an elected school board member, our fellow citizens by fighting tax fraud for the federal government, and our neighbors in need as an active community servant. I’m uniquely qualified to create better public schools, a stronger job market, and safer local communities.

These are straightforward solutions to obvious problems. They aren’t republican or democrat, right or left, red or blue, or political at all, because I’m not political. I’m just doing what makes sense, and I don’t care what side of the aisle that comes from. With these reforms, we can turn our state around. We can make California truly golden.

With an open seat in the 48th Assembly District this November, we have a real opportunity to make a meaningful difference on the most important issues facing our state. I promise you this, I will be a strong, honest, and proud representative of the 48th Assembly District in Sacramento. I will fight for what matters most to us.

Send me to Sacramento as your State Assembly representative so I can start the work for us!